Shopify BFCM 2023

Marketing Campaign


Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) holds significant importance for Shopify merchants. As the creative lead, I designed our 2023 email campaign. This campaign consisted of a series of 9 emails sent on a weekly basis leading up to BFCM. The emails were designed to present digestible and actionable modules that showcased various Shopify products and features.


The ask

Inspired by the previous BFCM campaign, we decided to utilize a header element to establish continuity across the email campaign. Below are a few explorations that didn't make it.

Designing for email

When I was designing I had to consider light and dark modes, desktop and mobile viewing, constraints of older email clients, and optimizing for low bandwidth to make emails accessible.

Using Midjourney

Throughout this project, I integrated midjourney into my creative process. This allowed me to develop a strong understanding of crafting effective prompts to achieve desired outcomes. The collage below, created from the generated images served as the primary inspiration for the campaign. We wanted to show a diverse set of products that merchants could see themselves in.

Final direction

The main idea was using text to bring in excitement and adaptability through bold and offset type. Cutting out products to add openness and opportunity. Products and type breaks change from email to email but as the series progressed the depth became more rich as the email visuals evolved.