Git Merge

Branding / Event design / Web


Git Merge is a full-day conference offering technical content and user case studies, plus a day of workshops for Git users of all levels. I had the opportunity to lead the design for Git Merge conferences 2017 and 2018. It was an interesting challenge to reinvision the design in 2018 since doing it in 2017.

Git Merge 2018 poster

Git Merge 2017 Brand

GitMerge brand of 2017

Git Merge 2018


  • Engage with the Git Community
  • Create a rewarding attendee experience
  • Create a Platform for Speakers and exhibitors


  • Branding
  • Marketing on social media
  • Swag items
  • Signage and way finding


How do we evolve the Git Merge brand from last year? 2017 branding took a micro look into git branches. The git lines were zoomed in and the brand focused on the git paths and intersections.

gitmerge design explorations

Brand guide

This year I zoomed out and thought about the meaning of git lines. The lines and nodes represent milestones when building a project. So I created gridded git line squares that could be visually built and rearranged. Each square is made of many git lines in the same way that a project is also comprised of the different paths.

In some applications of the brand, grouping squares into tetris-like shapes also enhanced the idea of building. The different shapes also show how many very different projects can all be built with git as the foundation.

Gitmerge brand guidegit merge website

Site visit

Git Merge 2018 took place in Barcelona at Convent Dels Àngels at the MACBA. This historical building was once a church and is now preserved and part of their museum of contemporary art.

I flew to Barcelona to meet with vendors, plan directional signage, lighting, and discuss any restrictions the venue had on branding the space.

venue photos of cathedral for a conference

Designing for your audience

  • How people can navigate the space? Are there points of confusion in the user journey?
  • Branding vs directional signage (Directional is priority but then you build from that. What spaces are lacking visual cues and breaking the experience of being at the conference?
  • Make sure you are communicating what you are imagining, especially to vendors! Making visual mock ups and providing reference images are the best way to communicate your ideas. It made working asynchronously across different time zones and language barriers on this project easier.
  • What is the attendee experience day of? eg) schedule of events, identifying staff members for questions

The final outcome

gitmerge collage of conference photos